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Smoked St. Louis Style Ribs

2 full racks of our house-smoked St. Louis Pork Side Ribs.

Comes with our zesty BBQ Sauce.


 Handling and Re Heating Instructions

 Proper Storage

The ribs will arrive frozen, so you have a choice to either put it immediately in the freezer (for later use) or refrigerator (if using in the next 7 days)

The sauce can be stored in the fridge for 3 months.


From frozen, the ribs will take about a day to thaw. In accordance with safe food handling, frozen foods should be thawed in a fridge.  Leaving on a counter to thaw is not recommended.

Re Heating

Please follow these steps to re heat your ribs:

  • Pre heat oven to 350F
  • Cut open Cryovac
  • Take out ribs and place on a cookie sheet
  • Place on the middle rack for about 40 minutes or until hot
  • Baste with sauce
  • Turn on you broiler, move baking sheet to the top rack and carefully turn and baste the ribs to ensure they do not burn.
  • Alternatively, you can re-heat and finish your ribs on your outdoor grill, carefully watching for flare ups and constantly basting with sauce.
  • Using a cutting board and a sharp knife, cut ribs to separate, drizzle with extra sauce and serve.

**SPECIAL NOTE**:  Our St. Louis Sideribs come fully cooked. Due to the natural, Applewood smoking process, the meat may appear red (similar to what you would find with smoked meat). This does not mean the ribs are undercooked.**

Questions: Please Contact Us for any assistance you might need

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