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Cajun Spiced Chicken Breast with Red Pepper Mayo

St. Louis Style Pork Ribs


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Fresh Tomato Salad

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Apple Crisp

*Serves Four*


Re Heating Instructions for Ribs
  • Pre heat oven to 350F
  • Cut open Cryovac
  • Take out ribs and place on a cookie sheet
  • Place on the middle rack for about 40 minutes or until hot
  • Baste with sauce
  • Turn on you broiler, move baking sheet to the top rack and carefully turn and baste the ribs to ensure they do not burn.
  • Alternatively, you can re-heat and finish your ribs on your outdoor grill, carefully watching for flare ups and constantly basting with sauce.
Grilling Instructions for Cajun Chicken

*Chicken is raw, and requires cooking to an internal temperature of 165F

  • Pre heat grill to high
  • Preheat oven to 350F
  • Spray grill with noncook spray, or rub with vegetable oil
  • Open croyvac bag and place chicken breast onto hot grill
  • After 1 minute, rotate chicken breast 90 degrees to create cross-hatch grill marks
  • Flip chicken over, and repeat grill mark process
  • Chicken should still be internally raw, with outsides seared
  • Place chicken back in foil pan, cover, and roast in oven middle rack until internal temperature of 165F
Baking Instructions for Apple Crisp
  • Preheat oven to 350F
  • Keep covered, and place on middle rack for 15 minutes
  • Remove foil lid, and bake until brown sugar on top is melted and begins to caramelize
  • Rest for 15 minutes prior to eating

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